'HIMYM' Creator Responds To Series Finale Backlash On Twitter

To say the "How I Met Your Mother" series finale was divisive would be an understatement the size of Barney's playbook.

Fans' worst fears came true in the last five minutes when (ginormous sad spoilers ahead!) the mother (Cristin MIlioti) became sick, and it was revealed that Ted was telling this long story to their kids six years after her death. The kids then convince Ted he's been subconsciously trying to get their permission to ask Aunt Robin on a date. The revelation damn near broke the internet.

Co-creator Craig Thomas took to Twitter to thank fans and respond to the inevitable backlash. "Thank you all. I mean it: Every possible reaction to the last 44 minutes...thank you all...#HIMYM," he wrote. "The fact that we have been a tv sitcom that has received this much passion from fans, for 9 years (not just tonight) -- thank you." In two subsequent tweets he posted, "We wrote a comedy with dramatic elements till the very end. Thanks for taking that ride with us. #HIMYM," and "We did a finale about life's twists and turns and that is not always what happens...but THANKS!"

Thomas' co-creator Carter Bays also tweeted about the finale and said, "Well gosh. Tonight is the very last episode of #HIMYM ever. Thank you to everyone who has joined us for this nine year ride!"



"How I Met Your Mother" Series Finale