'Hipster Branding' Illustrates Corporate Logos With An Alternative Spin (PHOTOS)

If your favorite brands were run by hipsters, would their logos wear skinny jeans?

Thanks to graphic artist Dave Spengeler and his Tumblr, Hipster Branding, we now have some idea of what the logo of Red Bull or Adidas would look like if it was designed by someone with a square-framed glasses aesthetic. But the blog isn't meant to mock the hipster lifestyle like some other famous blogs . Instead, Spengeler says it's supposed to be a critique of current design trends.

Indeed, other graphic designers have already mocked the recent design motif of increasingly simple and old-fashioned logos. But Spengeler seems to be taking the issue one step further in trying to illustrate how designing logos simply based on what's popular reflects poorly on brands.

"What I want to show with my blog is that following trends with your company-logo means giving up your identity," the Swiss-German 22-year-old wrote in an e-mail to The Huffington Post. "The name of the brand gets replaceable, the logo isn't unique anymore."

And looking at Spengeler's work, he certainly seems to have a point. Goldman Sachs gets the American Apparel treatment, while even mega-corporations like McDonald's and Motorola suddenly seem like they were sprung straight out of hipster hotspots like Portland, Oregon or Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York.

See below for a few of Spengeler's Hipster logo creations from Hipster Branding:



Hipster Logos