The Hilarious Hipster Classifieds You'll (Probably) Never See Online

"For sale or barter: Unicycle for two."

Hardcore hipsters probably don’t use the internet. It’s far too mainstream. But imagine if they did! What would their classified ads be like?

That lighthearted question was a hot Twitter topic over the weekend, as #HipsterClassifieds trended thanks to Seth Goodtime’s (@SethGoodtime) hashtag game, #TwoWeeksOfHashnight, hosted by Ronen P. (@BadRonen) and Kjerstin Krohn (@SwissMistress).

Penny-farthing bicycles, a unicycle and an artisanal alarm clock (i.e. a cockerel) were all mockingly offered for sale or barter as tweeters across the world competed to come up with the most stereotypical hipster-esque posts.

“I thought it would be fun to envision what a hipster would be looking for or selling in a classifieds section,” Ronen P. told HuffPost on Sunday, before confessing he’s actually “half-hipster” due to his style but lack of cliched pretentiousness. 

Here are some of the best posts we’ve seen so far: