Hipster Seniors Star In Super-Cool, Stereotype-Defying Photo Shoot

If aging makes you think of clunky comfort shoes and high, elastic waistbands, think again. A new photo series will turn any and all unflattering notions you might have had about aging on their head.

The inspiration for the senior photo shoot came from photographer Alex De Mora's 92-year-old grandmother. "I had taken a series of personal photos of her and found so much personality in them, that I decided to come up with an editorial concept that celebrated the character that comes with age," De Mora told The Huffington Post. "The leisurewear theme was something that I thought would work well as it is essentially clothing that is designed for comfort, but has become popular in certain cultures, particularly amongst hip hop/celebrity circles."

The series, featured in VICE, includes seniors wearing trendy items like chains, hoop earrings, bandanas and, yes, even "teeth grills." De Mora says the the photos are a "celebration of age" and he hopes that viewers are surprised by the energy and personality of the models just as he was.

"The models were all so happy to be there. They were all very keen to be involved as they saw their age and retirement as a way of discovering new things," he said. "There was a real unbridled enthusiasm to them. I think that as people get older, they can be less afraid of what people think and want to make the most of life."

Check out the shoot below and find more of De Mora's work on his website and on Instagram.



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