Hipsters Fill Out Census At Record Low Rate In New York

Hipsters Fill Out Census At Record Low Rate In New York

"Census participation" is beginning to sound more like a band that New York City hipsters would listen to than an action they would take part in.

The latest numbers show that the hipster-haven neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn ranks last place in 2010 census participation, with only about 31 percent of residents returning their forms.

(Reports showed that New York City as a whole has a 45 percent participation rate.)

A recent NPR segment, attempted explain why the "biggest census procrastinators in New York City happen to live in the most self-consciously hip neighborhood."

Nate Stark, a Williamsburg record store clerk, told NPR why he's not participating.

"I guess it's laziness and like, what's the point? When it comes down to it, nobody wants to fill out like another form that's just like getting sent to your house that really relatively has nothing to do with your life," Stark said in the interview.

Though Williamsburg residents seemed to have difficulty putting their finger on exactly what is was about the census that made it so unappealing, Stark did say that a cash prize might change people's minds.

"I mean people would do [it] if they got like five bucks," Stark said.

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