Hipsters Switch To Light Beer Following Increase In Craft Beer Popularity

Across the country this summer more and more Americans are tapping into the craft beer craze which is why Atticus Wilson and his hipster friends have started to drink light beer. "Don't get me wrong, it tastes like piss blended with tap water but if it means avoiding association with the establishment, then bottoms up," said Atticus before pinching his nose and taking a sip of his beer.

The young hipster called the influx of craft beer drinkers the "most lethal attack" on the culture since Yuppies started wearing large framed glasses.

Meanwhile, new craft beer enthusiast, Denny Alpar called the response by hipsters an "overreaction" and says he doesn't drink the hoppy brew to appear hipster but rather because he enjoys "the subtleties and complexities of the taste." Denny then readjusted his beret and continued his discussion on the case for Marxism in the twenty-first century.

Though he remains concerned about the number of "posers", Atticus believes the craft beer craze will soon end and the masses will return to drinking more traditional beers. For now, however, he plans to spend most of his time seeking refuge at an underground coffee house.