Hire Just One - Military Spouse for a Remote Job

Did you know the women below are military spouses? I can guess it probably wasn't the first thing that came to mind. Kate Middleton is arguably the world's most famous military spouse. We are captured by her grace and beauty and let's not forget her seemingly fairytale life as a Royal. Queen Rania of Jordan is another military spouse who has touched the world with her compassion and commitment to children and family. These military spouses are true leaders with a global platform that comes with being a Royal. But military spouses don't need a title to garner a global platform because military spouses are leaders themselves. You might not know it but these incredible Americans are military spouses too.

Sandra Day O'Connor
Justice Sandra Day O'Connor was the first woman appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court. Like all military spouses she went where the military sent her spouse! During WWII she ended up moving to Frankfurt, Germany and worked as a civilian attorney. After returning, she pursued private practice, raised her family, accepted appointments, embarked on a political career and was appointed to the Arizona State Supreme Court, which launched her to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Judge Patricia Ann Millett
Judge Millett was appointed to the United States Court of Appeals, D.C. Circuit by President Obama in 2013 and is rumored to be one of the potential Supreme Court Justice nominees. Judge Millett has an incredible resume from graduating at the top of her class from Harvard Law School to arguing 32 cases before the Supreme Court. Judge Millett is also a military spouse having endured the same hardships of deployment even while she was arguing before the Supreme Court! Judge Millett is an impeccable example of drive, determination and true leadership.

Senator Kelly Ayotte
Senator Ayotte, of New Hampshire, was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2010. Prior to becoming a U.S. Senator, she was New Hampshire's first female Attorney General and a former prosecutor. Senator Ayotte is a military spouse and uses her national platform to provide veterans with better healthcare and ensures our national security is our highest priority. In addition, when it comes to international affairs she is one of the top Republican leaders. The U.S. Senate only has 20 women Senators currently serving. It is impressive but not unexpected that one of those women leaders is a military spouse.

Cindy McCain
Cindy McCain is Chairwoman of the Board of Hensley & Company. Cindy has a Master of Arts in Special Education from USC and beyond her duties at Hensley & Company she has dedicated much of her time to programs and initiatives helping children around the world. An avid philanthropist, she also leads humanitarian initiatives with special attention to the serious sex trafficking epidemic. Cindy's leadership style is certainly something military spouses can identify with, tackling issues head-on and quietly leading by example.

There are many more famous military spouses both past and present. The reason you may not think of them as a military spouse first and foremost is because they won't let you. Yes, they are military spouses but that is not what defines them. It is a label they proudly wear because they are fiercely patriotic but their life experiences and education go beyond the title of military spouse. I encourage each and every American to get to know a military spouse to better understand the lifestyle they lead and the challenges they overcome. Their leadership is unmatched and their dedication and determination unwavering. I'd like to start this challenge by asking every business across America to Hire Just One military spouse for remote employment. You'll be grateful you did, I promise.