#HireKevin Mastermind Kevin Matuszak To Get Job Interview At Applebee's

#HireKevin seems to have worked -- meaning that Kevin Matuszak, the 25-year-old Philadelphia resident who started the social media campaign may soon be working at Applebee's.

According to Nation's Restaurant News, the casual dining chain will fly Matuszak out to company headquarters in Kansas City sometime early in 2013 to interview for a job as an Applebee's spokesman.

This announcement comes three weeks after Matuszak, who works at 94WIP radio station in Philadelphia, first took to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to ask Applebee's to hire him. He made videos, canvassed door-to-door and wrote plenty of updates on social media sites, all the while promoting the hashtag #HireKevin, in an attempt to convince the chain's executives that he was their man.

The campaign attracted significant attention from the mainstream media, which surely helped convince Applebee's to act on it. called Matuszak's bid for a job "quixotic," and a blogger on the website for a local CBS affiliate said that it was "silly" and "ridiculous," though apparently consistent with other stunts Matuszek has pulled while working at the radio station.

Last week, Matuszak told HuffPost blogger Kathleen Garvin that he had been "completely surprised" that his campaign had gone viral. Let's hope he prepares enough in the next few weeks to ensure that his interview doesn't present any surprises of a similar magnitude

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