This Guy's Not Letting Any Exposed Buttz Fall Through The Cracks

Dude attended a fantasy-card tournament, and a plumbers' convention broke out.

Reddit user OB1FBM posed for photos with every exposed butt crack he saw at a "Magic: The Gathering" meet March 7-9 in Richmond, Va., and posted them on Imgur (see below). They are, well, cracking people up.

"It's part funny, part social commentary and part PSA," OB1FBM wrote on a Reddit thread.

However, the meme-spawning post didn't seem to sit well with some. The Daily Dot points out that a few Redditors decried the stunt as mean-spirited and a form of bullying, and it was rumored that the user had been banned from tournaments.

The poster explained on his original Reddit thread that the pics are "not about being fat," adding, "It’s about having your ass exposed to thousands of people and not having the courtesy to pull your shirt down or pull your pants up.”

(Hat tip, Time)