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Historical Figures Today: Digital Artists Imagine If Legendary Icons Lived In 2013 (PHOTOS)

Have you ever wondered what your favorite historical figures would look like if they were alive today? Would William Shakespeare be trendy, preppy or boho chic? A team of digital artists teamed up with historian Dr. Suzannah Lipscomb to project what history's most renowned figures might look like in 2013.

The talented team churned out four realistic portrayals that are as convincing as they are hilarious. According to the images below, Henry VII would likely be a businessman doing a four-hour work week, Shakespeare would probably own a Moleskine and Elizabeth I would clearly take fashion tips from Tilda Swinton. The creative endeavor was recently commissioned by UKTV’s Yesterday channel in anticipation of the upcoming series "Secret Life Of…"

Would you have guessed that Shakespeare would rock a diamond stud and an asymmetrical 'do? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. For a more playful interpretation of a similar idea, check out Fabian Ciraolo's illustrations of historical figures as hipsters.

What Historical Figures Would Look Like Today