Milestone For Iran Nuclear Deal

Today, U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski announced she will support the nuclear agreement between Iran and the six international powers signed on July 14. Senator Mikulski's support ensures that there will be enough votes to sustain a Presidential veto should the Congress vote to disapprove of the deal; 34 votes are needed.

The organization for which I serve as Executive Director, Women's Action for New Directions (WAND), strongly favors the nuclear agreement with Iran as the way to prevent an Iranian nuclear weapon and avoid a war with Iran. WAND's Nuclear Weapons Policy Director, Erica Fein stated,

"The American people know that diplomacy is the first way to solve a crisis. The agreement proved that tough negotiating and strong American leadership is the right course for global peace and security."

Now that 34 Senate votes have been secured, we urge Congress not to drag out the process of voting on a resolution whose outcome is clear. More unnecessary delay will only undermine American resolve and leadership that helped bring Iran to the table in the first place, and that ultimately allowed for the agreement to be completed.

It is only fitting that the deal was sealed by a woman leader. Senator Mikulski is the longest serving woman in Senate history and has shown to be an effective legislator for Maryland and the nation. Throughout the diplomatic negotiations with Iran, women have stood out as being the problem-solvers, the doers, and the strongest proponents of diplomacy. Of course, this is no big news to WAND. Women's voices are crucial to lasting outcomes; better decisions are made when women are at the table.

We at WAND will continue to work to stop the spread of nuclear weapons. These efforts will include advocating for the right policy and adequate funding to ensure the agreement's verification mechanisms are properly resourced, so that we can be as diligent as possible in ensuring the agreement's implementation.