History's Hotties: Top 7 'Historical Tweets' From Women (PHOTOS, POLL)

As we've shown in previous weeks, the great men of history were desperately addicted to Twitter. Our research has discovered something else just as groundbreaking: there were important women in history before Madonna. We're not kidding.

Now, ladies, before you don your Sue Sylvester track suits in protest, allow us take a moment to reflect on the special women in our lives. Our sisters. Our mothers. Our junior high teacher who said "Your stupid history jokes will lead to a life of failure."

Speaking of moms, Mother's Day is around the corner. You'll be happy to know that Historical Tweets: The Completely Unabridged and Ridiculously Brief History of the World is now available in bookstores and online. After 22 hours of labor, don't you think she deserves the gift of 22 minutes of laughter?


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