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The Men's Clothing Item That's Become Less And Less Sexy

Can we go back to the '70s, please?

Not many trends have become more conservative over the past 100 years. Men's swimwear, however, is an exception to that rule.

In what seems like the 100th variation of a "100 Years Of" video, Mode Studios has taken on a century's worth of men's swimsuits. While the video kicks off modestly in 1915 with what can only be described today as a romper, things heat up as early as 1935 with a pair of belted briefs.

Swim trunks as we know them today make a first appearance in the '80s, followed by the undoubtedly unsexy board short trend of the '90s and the graphic-printed, slightly more form-fitting trunks we know and love today.

With the tendency fashion has to repeat itself, here's hoping those rad, printed briefs from the 1960s make a comeback soon.

Check out the video above.

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