A History Of Flight Attendant Uniforms Through The Years (PHOTOS)

In 1930, Boeing Air Transport hired eight nurses to be present on airplanes to add a feeling of safety for concerned fliers. Uniforms were mostly gray and looked like nurses outfits in the early days of flight. In the 1960s and '70s, fashion designers moonlighted as uniform designers, bringing a distinct look to the skies. Fast forward 81 years and so much has changed, though the toned-down look of flight attendant outfits is similar to the earliest days of air travel.

Which brings us to Seattle's "Style In The Aisle" exhibit, opening on Saturday at the Museum of Flight, a non-profit air and space museum. This is the second time the uniforms will be carted out for exhibit (the original exhibit was displayed in 2008). This time, the history of 12 airlines, including now defunct carriers such as TWA and Hughes Airwest (as in Howard Hughes), will be on display.

Take a walk down memory lane, check out the designs by design icons like Emilio Pucci and remember the glory days of air travel.

Linda Caldwell, Delta Airlines, 1975

A History Of Flight Attendant Uniforms

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