Trippy Video Teaches Entire History Of Japan In Just 9 Minutes

The perfect study guide.

Looking for a speedy study guide to help pass that exam on Japanese history? Then this trippy yet excellent YouTube video could do the trick.

Bill Wurtz rattles through the Land of the Rising Sun's entire past during the colorful whistle-stop, 9-minute lecture. Buddhism, internal conflict, alliances with Britain, World Wars I and II, the dropping of atomic bombs and its post-war economic miracle are all covered.

Questioned on about whether he'd make a similar history video for the U.S., Wurtz said he "wrote one last year but it fell apart somewhere around the Louisiana purchase. I may try to salvage that one or possibly start again."

We can't wait to see that.

The "History of Japan" video, which was posted last Tuesday, has already racked up more than 4 million views.

"Beautiful," as Wurtz would say in glorious, flashing technicolor.

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