'A History Of The Title Sequence': Hollywood's Best Opening Credits (VIDEO)


For his Vimeo Award-winning "A History Of The Title Sequence," Dutch filmmaker Jurjen Versteeg imagined a documentary about the greatest title sequence designers of all times, and....well, made a title sequence for it. The 2 minute parade of names features Saul Bass and Danny Yount alongside quieter stars like Stephen Frankfurt (whose famous domino effect for "To Kill A Mockingbird" seems to have actually inspired a real live documentary). Their names are animated to represent whatever aesthetic the designer is famous for introducing.

Take a look at Versteeg's "History Of The Title Sequence" below, and our video slideshow of the sequences he's referring to below that. A few are copyright restricted -- to access full versions of those openings, head to the links in the captions.


For the openings referenced in "A History Of The Title Sequence," click through the slideshow below:

A History Of Title Sequences

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