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The History Of Cell Phones, As Told Through Anna Wintour's Front Row Appearances

As you may have heard, the Blackberry is almost dead. The once-popular cell phone company is about to go private, selling for $4.7 billion on the heels of a plummeting share price, 4,500-person layoffs and reported losses of $995 million.

But hey, we saw this coming ages ago: Even Anna Wintour doesn't use a Blackberry anymore.

Wintour's Blackberry had become as much as a front row staple as her iconic black sunglasses, resting casually in her hands when she wasn't using it to conduct business with her Vogue colleagues from her seat. In fact, the entire history of cell phones could be told through Anna Wintour's Fashion Week appearances. Most recently she was spotted in the front row with an iPhone. But it wasn't always that way...

2003: That is totally a Nokia. We bet she played Snake on it.

nokia anna wintour

anna wintour nokia

2004: A flip phone... with an antenna.

anna wintour iphone

phones anna wintour

2005: Still flipping with that flip phone.

history of phones

2005: Still using a Nokia, Anna? Even fashion editors carry cell phones as big as bricks...

anna wintour nokia

2006: Dear Lord, she's still got a Nokia?

nokia anna wintour

2007: It's a Motorola Razr!

anna wintour razr

2008: The Blackberry has arrived, and it has an antenna.

blackberry anna wintour

2009: That looks suspiciously like a flip phone.

blackberry anna wintour

2009: Portrait of a Crackberry.

cell phone anna wintour

2010: Still holding on tight to that Blackberry.

anna wintour blackberry

2011: Blackberry ahoy.

anna wintour

2012: Someone's upgraded their Blackberry -- shiny!

anna wintour blackberry

2012: Is that an iPhone we spy??

anna wintour phone

2013: Yep, that's an iPhone.

history phones anna wintour

2013: Hold up -- she's got an iPhone and a Blackberry. Figures.

anna wintour

And here's Anna with no cell phone at all:

Dec. 5, 1988

Anna Wintour in the '80s and '90s

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