'History's Worst Contraceptives' Revealed In Cringe-Inducing EngenderHealth Video

Which sounds like a worse contraceptive: douching with Coca-Cola or drinking beaver testicles mixed with moonshine?

"History's Worst Contraceptives," a video produced by EngenderHealth, looks at some of the gross (inserting crocodile dung mixed with honey), dangerous (drinking blacksmith water filled with lead) and downright bizarre (wearing weasel testicles) methods women have used to prevent pregnancy.

For a shocking number of women, more effective methods are still not readily available. Part of their WTFP?! (Where's The Family Planning?!) campaign, EngenderHealth's video aims to raise awareness about the 220 million women worldwide who need access to family planning tools.

According to EngenderHealth, women who have access to contraception are more likely to go further in school, earn more money and have healthier children. What's more, if all women had access to contraception, and maternal and newborn care, 70 percent of maternal deaths and 44 percent of newborn deaths worldwide could be prevented.

Learn more about their campaign here.

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