Evan Van Der Spuy, South African Cyclist, Hit By Antelope While Mountain Biking (VIDEO)

This one will make you wince.

Evan van der Spuy, a mountain biker on team Jeep South Africa, was hit by a buck while riding in a race at Albert Falls Dam in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

In the video, we hear his team mate, Travis Walker, warning van der Spuy to "watch the buck." And while van der Spuy looks to his right, there's nothing he can do. Moments later...well, you'll see what happens.

According to Global Post, van der Spuy was taken out by a red hartebeest, a type of antelope that can weigh as much as 330 pounds.

Shockingly, the visibly shaken -- and audibly groaning -- van der Spuy didn't suffer any serious injuries, although his helmet was shattered. He tweeted later that he's "stable with nothing more than a very stiff neck," thanking his team mates for their help.

Evan van der Spuy Just saw the footage that put me in hospital with a very stiff neck take my hat off 2 @traviswalkermtb you got some good camera skills man

According to the YouTube description, Walker took this video with a GoPro camera. GoPro has been suspected of launching some pretty savvy viral video campaigns, but this video seems legit.

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