Hit Cartoon Series 'Gerrymandered' Returns

Congressional television executives announced the renewal of the cartoon series "Gerrymandered" for another four years. Producers of the GOP's dumbing down of America cartoon were ecstatic at the news, proclaiming this to be the year America forgets their democracy. One unnamed producer said, "we will do everything in our power to make sure Americans believe what we tell them, not what they see."

But not everyone is happy at the news. Representative Elmer J. Fudd, Independent, and longest serving member of the Looney Tunes caucus, told reporters, he spent the last six years "wooking for wepublicans wegiswators willing to wowk across the aisle. They were vewy, vewy quiet."

Democrats were also saddened by the prospect of four more years. Those who lost their spine the previous six years declared they would do what's required to reclaim the mantle of America's most beloved politicians. Democrats promised to seek common ground with some of the cartoon's more enlightened characters, looking to hitch their wagon to series regulars willing to ride the mother ship "Back to the Future."

"Gerrymandered" stars the animations of 240 Americans posing as Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives, and 52 U.S. senators. They are adamant in their belief that obfuscation of the obvious is the key to power. The program's success has the world doubled over in fits of uncontrollable laughter at America's demise.

Fudd tried to force a vote with the network executives to "wepeal and weplace" Gerrymandered with a more "Fair and Balanced" (wink--wink) program, but was quickly ruled out of order, when executives discovered his spine.