Hit 'Em Where It Hurts: How Anti-Choice Rick Perry Is Bad for the Texas Economy

Say I am a CEO of a company in New York or somewhere "back East" as they say down in Texas, and I saw Governor Rick Perry's ads on local TV praising the benefits of moving myself, my employees and my company to unregulated, low tax (or if you are an oil and gas co, no tax) Texas. Well, I would have to consider a thing or two, one being, would the majority of my employees actually want to move? Perhaps if I am a gun manufacturer or in the oil and gas business, maybe, but even large energy companies have a number of pro-choice men and women working for them. Heck, they might even vote for Wendy Davis for governor next time around. Wonder if Rick Perry targeted companies accordingly, sort of filtering to see if their CEOs were pro or contra the Enron good ole days or not?

Then say that, like Exxon or a few other larger companies, the move is indeed decided upon, and the employees begin to move... but then they find out that not only is Texas (if the GOP gets away with what they are trying to do) not only not pro-choice, but that even with my great employee insurance, health care costs are out of control? Ah, but there are private health care providers and new doctor owned hospitals such as those on which Governor Perry's sister sits on the board of, opening left and right, in fact some just nearby my new corporate headquarters and subdivisions. So when we need health care, those who are profiting off it are the same folks we disagree with as we are pro-choice and they are not. And you might as well forget about any access to inexpensive reproductive health care for your daughters, but hey -- that is only important if your daughters make it through high school, because Texas also has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the country! But don't worry, those privately owned reproductive "health care" centers opening up, will provide her with a transvaginal ultrasound mandated and brought to you by the men of the GOP of Texas, and then send the bill to you.

(By the way, as with the Gulf Wars which made Texas companies lots of money, Perry and Co don't really care that they are no longer in office, because they have already raked in so many profits from what they did while they were in office that they can pay those lobbyists even when they are retired from politics.)

Then there are the schools, we heard there would be great schools for our kids down there in Texas... ah, yes, well, if you are very very lucky or very wealthy you can either move into one of the rare neighborhoods where public schools are still decent or pay up to at least $25,000 per year per child for a good private school. But you may find that the History books do not resemble those your children read in New York, or that there will be parents protesting the teaching of evolution in Biology class. As one African American Houstonian told me recently, her teenage daughter read in her history book that there would never be an African American president in their lifetimes... hmmm... guess that is a little out of date. But what the heck, you can always home-school!

Then there are jobs. Well, everyone seems to be saying that Texas is creating about 30 percent of the new jobs in the U.S. these days, but what kinds of jobs are those and how well paid are they and what kinds of benefits do they have? Not every CEO cares about their employees, in fact, they are often thought of as disposable. You can always find another one, right? The reality is that the bulk of jobs being created under Perry are very low wage jobs, not careers. But they will even train you for those low income jobs, yep, right there in the privately run prisons where many of the minority men will end up after a few strikes they're out.

How about good old fashioned representation? Well, there's that little redistricting, gerrymandering problem down there in Texas these days (aided by the Supreme Court no less) but don't worry about that, your vote didn't count anyway unless you're a lobbyist.

But Texas is so beautiful -- all that nature! Wide open spaces and the Gulf Coast. I for one often miss the Hill Country and swimming in the clean rivers (when there is water in them as there has been a serious drought for a few years) and yes Texas can be beautiful. But thanks to BP and that oil spill, you have a dead zone in the Gulf, better find some imported seafood. But hey, if the pollution from the refineries or the traffic or the unregulated everything which may end up on your plate, or the chemicals from fracking get into your water supply, don't call Senator Wendy Davis who actually tried to have tracer elements included in fracking to see if your water is being poisoned... no! If all that does make you sick, well, you can head back to that privately owned health center owned and operated by those doctors and give them some more of your money.

And how about your friendly Texas neighbors, the Koch Brothers? Well, when you move to Texas maybe they'll show up at your front door and welcome you, perhaps even openly carrying a handgun or another deadly weapon which is legal in the state of Texas... maybe Dick Cheney will even invite you to go hunting... ohh, but I forgot, the Koch Brothers don't actually really live in Texas... they live in New York. And Dick Cheney, well, does anyone know if he's still alive?

(For all of you who are going to post offensive comments, this here article above uses something called "sarcasm"... and for all of you Texans who are waking up, especially the women and men who "get it"... please vote Wendy Davis into office as the next governor of Texas. I promise you, it will bring Texas into the 21st century economically in ways we cannot even imagine yet. She is great for Texas, great for women and great for the economy! Get over to Austin NOW!)