Bride Hitchhikes To Her Own Wedding, Makes It Just In Time

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When Angelique Arsenault’s limo got a flat tire on the way to her wedding to fiancé Jarrod Dunning, she and her bridesmaids opted for the quickest fix: Hitch a ride.

The 29-year-old was on route to her ceremony in rural New Hampshire when suddenly, the limo broke down seven miles from the venue. She quickly hopped out of the car, stuck out her thumb and posed for a picture that has since gone viral:

The bridal party alerted Arsenault’s family members who were waiting at the venue, and they rushed into cars to come to the rescue.

Before they could get there, a kind local dad stopped and picked up the bridal party in his Suburban, delivering them to the venue ― a charming colonial restaurant ― about 30 minutes after the ceremony’s scheduled start time.

Danyelle Delucia, the couple’s wedding photographer, said they handled the day like champs.

“They’re adorable. It couldn’t happen to a cuter couple, because they’re just so sweet,” Delucia told HuffPost. “It’s nice to see them getting so much attention.”

See more pics from the couple’s big day below.

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