Hitler-Built Vacation Resort To Become Luxury Hotel (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Hitler's Resort To Become Luxury Hotel

Hitler might not be the first name associated with luxury, but a vacation retreat constructed by the Nazi leader will be turned into a hotel and condo complex.

The Colossus of Prora was commissioned by Hitler in the 1930s, and is located on the German island of Ruegen in the Baltic Sea. According to the Daily Mail, Block One of the complex was sold at auction for £2.2 million ($3.5 million) and will be converted into a luxury hotel with 400 beds and 400 apartments.

Though Prora was built to accommodate 20,000 vacationing Nazis at any time, none ever stayed there. Once World War II started it was left empty, but was used for a short time as a top-secret Soviet base.

This is not the first time a former Nazi site has been turned into a tourist attraction. The Eagle’s Nest, a tea house atop Kehlstein peak in Bavaria built for Hitler in the late 1930s, is becoming a popular destination for tourists. And, Wehrwolf, a bunker in the Ukraine in which Hitler stayed many times, has also become an attraction.

Check out photos of the Colossus of Prora below.

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