Hitler 'Gangnam Style' Probably Crosses The Line, But Meh (VIDEO)

New Hitler Parody Goes Viral

Yes, this is potentially offensive and kind of stupid. But spoiler alert: It's the Internet. Worse things have happened.

YouTube user "yuanjin8899" has posted a mash-up of Korean rapper PSY's international mega-hit "Gangnam Style" and dialogue from the critically acclaimed drama "Der Untergang" ("Downfall"), a German film about the final days of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

The video comes complete with cheesy effects and objectionable salutes. It is also cut so that the dialogue delivered by Swiss actor Bruno Ganz, who is famous for his portrayal of Hitler, falls right on the beat.

The video was shared on Reddit on Sept. 17, rising to the front page of one of the social news site's video discussion forums. It drew a variety of reactions, including calls for translations of Ganz's lines.

One Reddit user, "Aschebescher," claimed that "the samples they used start somewhere mid sentence or are cut off mid sentence. It doesn't make much sense if you understand the German language," and posted a link to the scene in "Downfall" from which the dialogue was taken.

Some Redditors appreciated the humor. User "thegeneralstrike" commented: "I'm a Jew, and this just made my new year. L'Shana Tova folks."

Parodies of "Downfall" have gone viral before. Notable examples include "Hitler Hates Hipsters" and the meta-edit "Hitler Finds Out About The 'Downfall' Parodies."

"Gangnam Style" is also racking up its share of notable parodies, including one in which a couple lampoons the song in a wedding video.

(via Reddit)

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