Heartwarming Animated Clip Tackles Lingering Myths About HIV/AIDS

Get ready to be quizzed by "Dr. Pill."

A humorous and heartwarming new animated video aims to clear up lingering confusion that young people may have about HIV/AIDS.

Produced by AMAZE, an online sex education resource for tweens, the March 30 clip depicts a game show hosted by “Dr. Pill.” Safe sex practices, including the use of the HIV prevention drug pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, are emphasized in the clip, which is being distributed by Advocates for Youth, Answer and Youth Tech Health.

Nora Gelperin, Director of Sexuality Education and Training at Advocates for Youth, told The Huffington Post that many schools still do not provide adequate information about HIV/AIDS to their students. Advances in HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention drugs have prompted additional confusion, she said.

“Sexual health remains a taboo subject and young people have a right to critical knowledge about ways to keep themselves healthy now and into adulthood,” she told HuffPost. “Given the changes in our understanding about how to prevent, test and treat people living with HIV, as well as the ongoing stigma still associated with the infection, using a short animated video helps to reach very young adolescents in ways they can easily access and understand.” Ultimately, she said, the video’s goal will hopefully increase viewers’ understanding “of not just HIV infection, but also sexual health more broadly.”

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