H&M Pulls Offensive Star Of David Shirt Off The Shelves (UPDATE)

Seriously, H&M?

The mega clothing retailer H&M has made a fashion faux pas ... again.

After facing backlash, the brand has decided to take an item of clothing off the market. This time, it's a tank top with an image of a skull inside of the Star of David symbol, which is surrounded by a grungy, dirty-looking pattern. According to The Times Of Israel, the shirt is being criticized as sending an anti-Semitic message based on the way the images are presented on the piece of clothing.

This isn't the first time H&M has carried offensive items. Last year, the retailer stopped selling a multicolored Native American-inspired headdress, after an Ojibwa-Mohawk woman spoke out against the item.

While the definition of fashion is up to different interpretations, appropriating cultural and religious symbols for trend purposes means stepping into dangerous terrain, and is, clearly, unacceptable as a practice.

Hopefully, H&M will learn from this mistake in the future.

Why is H&M selling a vest with a skull emblazoned over a Star of David? Email Customerservice.UK@hm.com to complain pic.twitter.com/Foz8H7zeq2

— Eylon Aslan-Levy (@Eylon_AL) March 23, 2014

UPDATE: An H&M spokesperson responded with the following:

“We are truly sorry for offending anyone with this t-shirt design. We have taken immediate action and removed the t-shirts from all of our stores globally. Our customers come first and their feedback regarding this issue is the number one priority for H&M.”

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