H&M Online Shopping Will Be A Reality In A Few Weeks (PHOTO)

Rejoice Online Shoppers! H&M Will Start E-Commerce Very Soon!

H&M, a go-to store for all things cheap and chic, will make its devoted American shoppers very happy come August. E-commerce already exists in countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and the UK, but we only have brick and mortar stores Stateside.

This morning, however, Glam.com tweeted at the retailer inquiring about any future plans to launch an online store in the US, prompting the official H&M Twitter account to respond, "Online shopping will be available @hmusa in August, stay tuned for further details!" Hooray!

Let's keep our fingers crossed, though. H&M promised back in the fall of 2012 that online shopping would soon be available, but was forced to delay the offer due to a need for "more time." This was on the heels of the Maison Martin Margiela collaboration.

We're really hoping this time it works out; we absolutely need to get our hands on the upcoming Isabel Marant collaboration pieces!

Check out the official confirmation below:

Take a look back at all the H&M designer collaborations...

Karl Lagerfeld, 2004

H&M Designer Collaborations

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