H&M's Conscious* Collection: Earth Day Fashion That Looks Good

H&M's Conscious* Collection: Earth Day Fashion That Looks Good

As seemingly every brand in business is going green for Earth Day, here's one eco-friendly project that actually looks good: H&M's Conscious* Collection. The company, the biggest user of organic cotton in the world, released an Exclusive Glamour collection of red-carpet-worthy looks in stores last week made from organic cotton, organic hemp and recycled polyester. "We really want to make more sustainable fashion affordable and accessible to more and more people around the world," H&M's head of design, Ann-Sofie Johansson, said. "We offer both fashion and sustainable, not one or the other."

It's caught on with stars: Michelle Williams, Kristin Davis, Viola Davis and Amanda Seyfried have all worn items from the collection on the red carpet, a sign of support for sustainable yet fashionable clothing at real-world prices (the collection ranges from $20 to $299). The collection, which includes a pleated mini-dress, a blue tuxedo blazer and an organic cotton evening gown, is available in 100 H&M stores worldwide and online now.

See the collection and stars wearing it below:

Michelle Williams

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