H&M's NYC Store To Stop Trashing Unsold Clothes

H&M's NYC Store To Stop Trashing Unsold Clothes

Following Wednesday's revelation that a NYC H&M store had been destroying and discarding unsold clothing, the clothing company has vowed to not let this happen again.


NEW YORK (AP) - Clothing retailer H&M has promised to stop destroying new merchandise that it can't sell at one of its Manhattan stores.

The chain said it will instead donate the garments to charity.

Graduate student Cynthia Magnus contacted The New York Times after discovering bags of unworn but slashed clothing outside H&M in Herald Square.

H&M spokeswoman Nicole Christie said, "It will not happen again."

Christie said she didn't know why the store was mutilating and discarding clothing. She said the Sweden-based company would make sure none of its other stores were doing so.

Christie said H&M's policy is to donate unworn clothing.

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