'Hoarders': Richard Heals By Revealing A Long-Held Secret To His Family (VIDEO)

People hoard for all different kinds of reasons, but often it is because of emotional trouble or trauma they are suffering. For Richard on the latest episode of "Hoarders" (Mon., 9 p.m. EST on A&E), his problem didn't stem from a traumatic loss, but rather from a secret he was holding deep inside.

While it isn't clear if he'd told anyone outside of his family, Richard kept saying throughout that he felt like an outsider. He felt they didn't accept him for who he is. And yet, in all the interviews with his brother and sisters, it seemed they wanted to accept him but he simply wouldn't let them. Again, it's not revealed how the family dymanics have been through the years, but this clean-up process proved very healing in a very important way.

After his sister confronted him and told him he needed to be open with them and let them in, Richard took some time away from the cameras to talk to them. He later revealed that he'd come out as a gay man to them for the first time. It was a secret he'd been holding for decades and, because of his mental illness, it manifested in a severe hoarding condition.

Now that he's come out to his family, and found the support and open love he'd never believed was there, his journey toward healing can begin. With such a breakthrough, and with his family behind him, Richard's prognosis for a happy and healthy future is very good.

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