Hobbes Ginsberg: S E L F

Identity isn’t defined by definitive gender. The ever-changing self enjoys the process of interacting in new ways - even if it’s only with itself. Maybe lonely is better. Sad is ok too. Rough edges bloom in the mystery of Hobbes Ginsberg’s glorious colors and confusion of materials. Ginsberg’s self may be a little more arbitrary than significant to the imagery. “I was the easiest thing I had.” That potential is all too often an easy out for the self-portrait. I don’t think Ginsberg is really interested in easy nearly as much as they are interested in sincerity. The meaning or words may change; fluidity is essential to casting doubt and allowing heightened awareness and new understandings.

Different is not dangerous. It’s just more than understandable sometimes in the moment. Absorbing the self allows Ginsberg to break out of the contemporary constructs of conceptualism and move to a pure place of pretty things. The calming appreciation of aestheticism. They apologize to no one - the photographs - they don’t need to be sorry. They need to be seen. The body is intermittent and the only thing worth having is an inch. In that small amount the self resides. Ginsberg allows us that space. It becomes an interstellar galaxy of hair dye, and doodads – unlikely still lives intermixed with the body.

Making what’s latent reach its fullest comprehension is Ginsberg’s greatest solidarity and celebration. As a photographer they are no stranger to hunting images on the streets of their native Nicaragua. And the evolution of Ginsberg now constructing compositions in the studio is no more surprising than the imagery itself. Ginsberg’s history is one of ensemble and recognition. It seems to make a lot of sense that this self-taught photographer would find their way from the street into the studio shooting things closest to them. “Prolific is cool but the opposite of how I make stuff.”

Prolific is defined first as producing much fruit or foliage or many offspring. 

Ginsberg’s humility is in the work; and personally while I do find it to be in conversation with a tech generation of photographers, the photos honesty is vastly more. A bridge is gapped. And the significance of art and tumblr, instagram and artistry are coherent in their seriousness and passion. The question is about individuals, not platform. Some people are defined by it, others are reimagined in their ability to raise tech as a platform. What goes on behind is an excited established community. One that Ginsberg is hugely dedicated to and inspired by. Sharing with peers is so significant and under expressed. There’s so much desire to be the artist, the soloist, a cowboy. Those roles aren’t unreal or an illusion; it’s just that without audience or fellows what’s the point?

Emphatically Hobbes Ginsberg understands. The answers are in the imagery, they always are.

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