The Hobby Lobby Case Is Already Becoming A Movie, Thanks To Rick Santorum

The Hobby Lobby ruling is getting the silver screen treatment from former Pennsylvania senator and GOP presidential hopeful Rick Santorum, his production company revealed Monday on the heels of the contentious Supreme Court decision.

EchoLight Studios, the conservative Christian film company of which Santorum has been CEO for just over a year, plans to release “One Generation Away: The Erosion Of Religious Liberty” on Sept. 1, according to its website and trailer.

The documentary, which Politico noted borrows its title from a Ronald Reagan quote, explores what the filmmakers believe to be jeopardized religious freedom, as seen through the lens of Hobby Lobby’s successful legal challenge against Obamacare mandates that the company provide coverage for its employees’ birth control.

“‘One Generation Away’ is less about victories and defeats than about highlighting the ongoing tension and promoting dialogue and engagement on the issues,” EchoLight President Jeff Sheets told Politico in a statement. “An informed and engaged populous is the greatest defense against the apathy and tyranny spawned within a void of religious liberty.”

The film also features interviews with former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R).



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