Hockey Player Or Hipster: Guess That Beard!

Hockey Player Or Hipster: Guess That Beard!

It's gotta be the beards.

Whether you're a broad-shouldered hockey player from Winnipeg aiming to lift the Stanley Cup or a skinny jean-wearing hipster recently arrived in Williamsburg looking to raise awareness about an artisanal pickling company, you're almost certainly going to be rocking some serious facial hair these days. These two hirsute constituencies -- hockey players and hipsters -- may not seem to have much in common but they may not be as easy to tell apart as you'd expect.

Among hockey players, the "playoff beard" has been an almost mandatory part of the postseason uniform since the New York Islanders began growing increasingly fuzzier as they skated their way through the 1980 Stanley Cup playoffs. Of course, there may be certain hipsters who insist that they were growing beards before the Islanders made it cool.

Below are the fuzzy faces of 12 men. Some of them are hockey players. Some of them are hipsters. Can you guess which beards are cool because of their proximity too NHL-approved ice and which are cool because that's the point?

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Beard No. 1: Hockey Player or Hipster?

2012 nhl stanley cup final media

Beard No. 2: Hockey Player or Hipster?


Beard No. 3: Hockey Player or Hipster?

mike commodore hurricanes

Beard No. 4: Hockey Player or Hipster?

2013 nhl stanley cup final media

Beard No. 5: Hockey Player or Hipster?

pk subban

Beard No. 6: Hockey Player or Hipster?

samuel beam

Beard No. 7: Hockey Player or Hipster?

2012 nhl stanley cup media day

Beard No. 8: Hockey Player or Hipster?

johnny depp pirates

Beard No. 9: Hockey Player or Hipster?

scott hartnell

Beard No. 10: Hockey Player or Hipster?

james franco attends the premiere of tribeca

Beard No. 11: Hockey Player or Hipster?

and tunde adabimpe of tv on the radio perform at t

Beard No. 12: Hockey Player or Hipster?

scott niedermayer

Feeling confident in your choices? Ready to celebrate your success with some small batch bourbon served in a mason jar and some handcrafted chocolate wrapped in paper?

Before you get too far into any locally-sourced hipster treats or any delicacies from the hockey heartland of Canada -- anyone for a Labatt Blue and some poutine? -- take a moment to SCROLL DOWN to find out the identities lurking behind all of that (mostly) luxurious hair.



No 1: Hockey player Jonathan Quick before the 2012 Stanley Cup finals.

2012 nhl stanley cup final media

No. 2: Stock Photo Hipster!


No. 3: Hockey player Mike Commodore after the 2006 Stanley Cup finals.

mike commodore hurricanes

No. 4: Hockey player Jaromir Jagr before the 2013 Stanley Cup finals.

2013 nhl stanley cup final media

No. 5: Hockey player PK Subban during the 2014 Stanley Cup playoffs.

pk subban

No. 6: Hipster singer Samuel Beam of Iron & Wine.

samuel beam

No. 7: Hockey player Adam Henrique ahead of 2012 Stanley Cup finals.

2012 nhl stanley cup media day

Beard No. 8: Hipster actor Johnny Depp

johnny depp pirates

No. 9: Hockey player Scott Hartnell during the 2012 Stanley Cup playoffs.

scott hartnell playoffs

No. 10: Hipster actor James Franco.

james franco

No. 11: Hipster singer Tunde Adabimpe of TV on the Radio.

kyp malone

No. 12: Hockey player Scott Niedermayer during the 2007 Stanley Cup playoffs.

niedermayer ducks stanley

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