Hoda Kotb To Bethenny Frankel: I Only Like To Have Sex In The Mornings (VIDEO)

WATCH: Hoda's Hilarious, Awkward Conversation About Sex

Hoda Kotb, co-host of the "Today" show's fourth hour, dished about her sex life during an appearance on Bethenny Frankel's reality TV show Monday night.

Frankel and Kotb have been friends for quite some time, so it was not terribly surprising that the two pals spoke so candidly about their lives in the bedroom (well, except for the fact that they were wearing microphones and being filmed). Frankel also introduced Kotb to her boyfriend of more than a year, Jay.

As the two women settled into their lunch and ordered some vino, they commented on the challenges of balancing their work and personal lives. "It's hard to carve out...Look, you have a baby, Jason, job," Kotb said to Frankel. "Well you're having a lot of sex," Frankel fired back. "And you're doing nighttime news and a daytime show. That's very busy."

"I only like it in the morning now," Kotb disclosed. "Who wants to have sex after a meal? You are bloated and gaseous. There's not a woman alive I can think of that would want that."

Kotb also revealed that despite hosting cooking segments on "Today," she cannot cook. "I don't cook, but I would love to learn. For Jay, you know," she said.

"What do you mean? Every day you do a cooking segment," Frankel said.

"I know but I don't listen. You know how they are," she said of the segments. "Stirring. I tune out."


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