All Men Must Rave At Hodor's 'Game Of Thrones' DJ Tour

Get ready to party like winter is coming.

Hodor, aka actor Kristian Nairn, is set to embark on his greatest journey since traveling beyond the Wall when he kicks off his "Game of Thrones"-inspired DJ tour, "Rave of Thrones," reports The Guardian.

During Nairn's six-stop tour through Australia, venues will be "transformed into the finest halls of Westeros" as guests wear their best "GoT" attire or possibly risk facing the King's Justice. Partiers can expect surprise guests, stunning "GoT" visuals and "the deepest house [music] from all seven kingdoms," according to the tour promotion website.

Nairn has been a DJ in Belfast's music scene for more than a decade, and much like Hodor carries Bran on his back and beats up wights, he's set to carry "party vibes long into the night" and definitely beat that beat up.

The tour gets rolling at the end of August, but if you go just remember: When you play the "Rave of Thrones," you turn up or you ... never mind, that's the only option.

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