Hodor Relives Heartbreaking 'Game Of Thrones' Door Scene Because ... KFC?

Hold the fries.

Although we’re not totally sure exactly what happened, Hodor’s “Game of Thrones” demise last season was one of the most shocking deaths in the series known for just that.

In attempting to “hold the door” against an onslaught of murderous wights, Hodor’s mind is evidently scrambled as Bran provides a link between himself and his friend in both the distant past and chaotic present. “Hold the door,” repeated enough times by Young Hodor (aka Wyllis, played by Sam Coleman), becomes “hodor” ― and thus we see how Hodor got his nickname.

Now, Hodor actor Kristian Nairn has delivered a reprise of his character’s last act, all in the name of fried chicken.

In a recent spot for KFC’s U.K. outpost, Nairn plays a frazzled fast-food worker holding the register against an onslaught of hungry office workers, whose calls for “chicken and fries” soon morph into something else.

Winter is here ― and so is rice, apparently.

“Game of Thrones” returns to HBO July 16.