Hos before Bros

Remember when we were babies and we were all about hoes before bros? I recently reconnected with an old but very close friend from high school on, what else, LinkedIn. After our first reunion, whereupon we legally imbibed copious amounts of alcohol (after all, 99% of the alcohol we drank in high school was done illegally), we were back where we were at age 15, reminiscing about old times, sharing stories of high school days and discussing where our then crushes, were now.

Needless to say, 12 years apart disintegrated in the midst of one evening out and since then we've hung out a number of times, picking up exactly where we left off. Cut to a week ago where in the midst of planning dinner/drinks for that evening with the above mentioned friend, I got a message from a cute guy I'd been chatting with on Bumble who wanted to grab drinks for our first date that same night.

Him: let's grab drinks
Me: Sure, I'd love to. But I have dinner plans with a friend later on so let's meet for happy hour
Him: Um yeah never mind. I don't want to be your backup.
Me: Well, you're not my backup--you're technically my pregame
Him: Yeah but I want to meet up with someone I can spend the whole night with
Me: Cool well you're not gonna get lucky if that's why you need a full night commitment
Him: Nah not what that's about, I just don't want to be someone's second choice.

At this point, I was already having my doubts about the evening. This was not a laid back guy and since it was after all memorial day weekend, I was especially not in the market for drama. Nonetheless, I texted my buddy and she of course said go out with him and we can see where the night goes--don't worry about it at all. Back on text I went.

Me: Let's get together and see what happens.
Him: Cool. Where are you?
Me: Midtown West but I'm happy to travel
Him: Let's meet in the LES.
Me: Can we go somewhere west side?
Him: Never mind, hang out with your friend.

I'm a pretty easy going date. Don't make lots of demands. Don't expect to be wined or dined. I just want a guy to try to be respectful if we're meeting up. So when this guy thought I was being difficult because he'd asked me to go to literally the farthest opposite point on the island, rather than somewhere more centrally located and convenient, I felt he was completely in the wrong.

Anyway, fast forward a few days and I'm at the beach with the above mentioned friend and we're showing each other pics of our recent matches. She pulls up a guy and I squeal with delight-that's the guy who wanted me to blow you off to hang with him! Giggling like the school girls we'd once been, I said 'Let's mess with him'. Acquiescing, she wrote to him:

Her: I think you know my friend Jamie.
Him: Who?
Her: I was with my friend Jamie the other day and she said you two were supposed to go out
Him: OMG, that chick. She was being very indecisive and then like demanding. So I said nvm, haha.

Needless to say, she wasn't about to reward his douchey behavior with a date so because he was a jerk, he lost out on not one, but two great women. So men, beware that women talk, a lot. We share pics, swap stories and compare notes. We put our hoes before our bros. So next time you decide to be rude to someone, keep in mind that the likelihood that word will get around is high.