Hogwarts Textbooks: 10 'Harry Potter'-Inspired Book Covers!

10 Textbooks Inspired By The Hogwarts Library!

Ever wish you could trade in your boring muggle textbooks on American history and chemistry for guides to casting spells and the history of Quidditch? Sixteen-year-old "Harry Potter" lover and would-be Hogwarts student Allysah, of the Tumblr veraferto, has created an impressive series of textbooks fit for a wizard's library. Allysah created designs using the real titles of textbooks from J.K. Rowling's series, and even added the real author names, from "Quentin Trimble" to "Bathilda Bagshot."

Click through the slideshow below to view the 10 covers. For more wizarding fun, check out these Hogwarts house couture illustrations, a set of "Harry Potter" tarot cards and a nostalgia-inducing collection of every chapter illustration from the series in a single image.

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