Hold Mayor Bloomberg Accountable on His Campaign Promise to Fix the MTA

Love New York? New York urgently needs your help.

Our city's transit system is in crisis. The cost of a monthly MetroCard could rise to over $100 next year. Service is being cut on dozens of bus and subway lines. Crucial upgrades are being neglected.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg ran for re-election last year on a promise to fix the MTA - but since this crisis started, he's been missing in action.

We have to make sure the Mayor and other politicians get that slowly killing the MTA isn't an option. So today, we're launching an all-out grassroots campaign -- an emergency push to save the MTA, working with NYC students, our friends at NYPIRG's Straphangers campaign, and other groups who know how much our city needs transit.

Our goal is to get 50,000 signatures, comments and calls to Mayor Bloomberg by March 24, when the MTA is next expected to take action on service cuts and fare hikes.

If you've spoken out before, speak out again. If you haven't, now's the time to jump in. Tell Mike Bloomberg to Save the MTA right now by clicking here:

Our demands are simple: MTA leaders should exhaust all other options before they raise fares or cut service. Students should be able to ride free, like they have for decades. And no cutting rides for the disabled folks who need them most.

There are plenty of ways Bloomberg can fix the MTA's problems. He can direct the MTA to use money it already has to cover its budget shortfall, instead of making riders pay. He can push Albany to pony up. But the first step is to make sure he's actually paying attention -- and that's what we have to do today and in the weeks to come.

New York's public transit system is one of the biggest, greenest, and most progressive systems in the world. It's an amazing strength of the city that so many working people can move around it so easily. As riders, we need to make sure the system keeps working. Please send a message to Bloomberg today -- and send this on to everyone you know: