Holderness Family Returns To Their Christmas Roots With '#JAMMIETIME'

The parody video-loving Holderness family has tackled Father's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and more. But now that the winter holiday season has rolled around, it's time for them to go back to where they started, to the seasonal video that first catapulted the family to viral fame. Yep, it's time for another round of "Christmas Jammies."

Featuring a new set of matching Christmas PJs, this year's musical holiday card is set to R.E.M.'s "It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)." "#JAMMIETIME" is the official title of the video, which gives annual updates for each family member. Second-grader Lola is on the swim team, had a "Frozen" birthday party, plays basketball, and overcame her fear of roller coasters, while preschooler Penn Charles likes transformers and is on the soccer team.

Mom and dad have been hard at work with their video marketing business, and they won a turkey cook-off on ABC's "The Chew." Dad Penn also mentions one of his wife's new hobbies this year -- "even though i think it doesn't make any sense, in her spare time she reads YouTube comments..." Still, it's clear that online haters haven't gotten this family down.

Stay warm in those jammies, Holdernesses.

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