Holi Festival Of Colors 2012 (VIDEO)


This amazing video shot by filmmaker Devin Graham and his friends documents color-covered goings on at this year's Holi Festival in front of the Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork, Utah.

The Hindu festival of Holi has various legends attached to it, according to

"...people light a bonfire, called Holika on the eve of Holi festival and celebrate the victory of good over evil and also the triumph of devotion to god," the site explains.

Color, as can be seen from the video above, play a crucial role in the festivities, the site says.

"Bright colours of gulal and abeer fill the air and people take turns in pouring colour water over each other."

The video is enough to make you want to book your ticket for Salt Lake City in 2013.

Click through the slideshow to see colorful photos from Holi celebrations: