Holiday Family Traditions

For my family, the first holiday of the season is Rosh Hashanah, which begins this Wednesday evening. Rosh Hashanah, in the Old Testament, celebrates the Jewish New Year 5774. It is the day of hope for a sweet year and a special day when our destiny will be determined for the next year. Families celebrate together both in their synagogues and at their dinning room tables.

As always, family first! I was taught this at an early age. Happy memories of spending holidays with my family are my reasons for wanting to continue the motto "a family that plays together stays together." In my family, we always looked forward to spending the holidays and birthdays as a family -- it was tradition.

With families of all shapes and sizes sometimes separated by thousands of miles, it's not always easy to spend the holidays together. But I believe it's up to the grandmother to step up to the plate and continue family traditions. The grandmother, the matriarch of the family, comes from love. She is non-confrontational. She is respected. She is cherished. So, it's a responsibility that comes naturally -- family tradition.

How Does a Grandmother Connect with Her Family?

  1. Your words of wisdom.
  2. I found the best approach to reach my family was to use this sentence: "I excitedly ask you to carry on the tradition of spending family holidays together because it is now 'your responsibility' to set the example for your children." I am thrilled to report that it actually works!

  • Create the Master Holiday Calendar.
  • Plan for the season ahead. Help your children out. Our families are so busy with their lives they welcome help. Your job is to be "the engine that drives the train."

    Family Holiday Planning Checklist

    1. Start the holiday season with hosting the first get together. Set the example.
    2. Make the calls for all of the holidays inviting the family.
    3. Ask each head of a family to accept hosting a future holiday.
    4. Establish a holiday calendar so there is organization and send the calendar to all.
    5. Figure out with each family head the logistics of housing and costs of travel, if that becomes necessary.
    6. Let them know you will be on call for to answer all questions and needs.
    7. If you have a blended family or have family issues, it is up to you to work your magic charm.

    My family is blended. My magic charm: I come from love. Period. It really works. I am not a goody-goody. I am Gramma Good and I get it!

    I want to wish you a very happy start to the holiday season.