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10 Unique Gifts For The Foodies in Your Life

Stop the hanger before it starts.

We all have an insanely hungry person in our life, one who is always willing to eat your leftovers, one who wants to go out to eat earlier than anyone, one who is always up for dessert no matter how big their entree.

We love these folks for their absolute enthusiasm for food, but the fact that they never get full still astonishes us.

This holiday season, we encourage you to help them. Help them with gifts that will feed them, keep them satiated and prevent any risk of hanger. Whether your friend has low blood sugar and needs snacks on them at all time, or your loved one craves meat and has to have a heavy dose of protein regularly, we have a gift for you.

Some of these make perfect stocking stuffers, while others are bigger gifts. But all of them will be appreciated by your food-loving friends.

Wagyu Beef Jerky
This is one item anyone who gets hangry should always have stashed in their purse/drawer/car. It's filling, meaty and full of great umami flavor.Get the 3 oz. bag of Wagyu Beef Jerky for $16 from Mouth
Cookie Of The Month Subscription
Mah Ze Dahr
If you're going to give the gift of a monthly food subscription, let it be cookies. Get the Cookie Of The Month Subscription for $50 (a month) from Mah Ze Dahr
Sriracha Keychain
Sriracha 2 Go
Help your loved one always be prepared to feast with hot sauce at the ready. The 1.7 oz. keychain of Sriracha will make sure that no meal goes un-sauced.Get the Sriracha Keychain for $7 from Sriracha 2 Go
Bear-y Smoothie Gummies
For your friend who always has a pack of fruit snacks stashed on their person, this is a serious upgrade.

Get the Bear-y Smoothie Gummies from Sugarfina for $7.50 a box
Family Pack Of Steak
44 Steaks
No one will be hungry with this in their fridge.
Get the Family Pack for $155 from 44 Steaks
Indie States Of America Subscription
Every month, this delivery system sends out a box of snacks and regional favorites. It's great.Give the Indie States Of America Subscription for $60 from Mouth
It's-It's Ice Cream Sandwiches
Nothing says love like ice cream. And no one says it as well as the San Francisco favorite, It's-It's -- especially the mint flavor.Get a case of 24 It's-It's Ice Cream Sandwiches for $22
Cacao Goji Power Snacks
Thrive Market
For the person with a sweet tooth and a desire to be healthy.Get the Cacao Goji Power Snacks from Thrive Market for $6.95
Katz's Delicatessen Sliced Corned Beef
Katz's Delicatessen
Seriously. They do deliver this.Get Katz's Delicatessen Sliced Corned Beef for $32 a pound
Trader Joe's Trail Mix
Trader Joes
Trader Joe's makes a great trail mix, and nothing is better to stave off sudden hunger than a handful of trail mix. If you're lucky enough to live near a TJ's, these make better gifts than you'd think.You can find a 12 oz. bag of Trader Joe's Omega Trek Mix for $4.99