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Holiday Gift Bags vs. Wrapping Paper

Everyone has their holiday pet peeves.
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Everyone has their holiday pet peeves. Whether it's the lack of "Christ in Christmas," the constant shopping or the almost-unavoidable five pounds, we all have them.

My pet peeve is those holiday gift bags. They just feels so lame. Let's face it, they are lame. There should be a required gift enclosure that comes with them: "So, yeah I bought you a gift. I didn't feel like spending four minutes to wrap it, so I just threw it in this shopping bag with some tissue paper. Oh yeah, I might've got it from someone else last week. Happy Holidays!"

I tried to recall when we switched over from wrapping gifts to the gift bag, and I just couldn't remember. I definitely don't remember pulling toys out of shopping bags under the tree as a child, thank goodness. I won't tell you I've never done it, I have. But, for the most part, I wrap. When you're giving someone a gift, it's usually because it's a special occasion, like the holidays. You can wrap a box in a brown paper bag and slap a red bow on it and it will look fabulous. You can go to Home Goods or Target and get designer-caliber wrapping paper for a few dollars, and it looks beautiful! The possibilities are endless, and it doesn't require a crafty skill set.

Ever since I was about 11 years old, I would go to Bergdorf Goodman's at Christmas time. I'd buy a book or an ornament or some small trinket with my babysitting money. Then, I would go to the gift-wrap department and have it wrapped in that signature silver box and go home. Sometimes, I would keep the present for myself. The point is, I did it because it was special. What was inside was under $20, but it didn't matter. A gift bag could never evoke that magical feeling to a little kid -- or an adult, for that matter. Think about it.

You don't need to live near Bergdorf's or spend a lot of money. In the age of Pinterest and Google, let's not pretend you're not "creative" enough to figure this out without "style pros" like myself steering you. You can totally do this. My intention is not to insult anyone (or everyone), I just think we can do better than the effortless (and it shows) gift bag. And unless you are the leader of the free world, you have the couple of minutes it takes to wrap a gift. I promise you, those on the receiving end will notice. And if you are lucky enough to see their face when they tear open that gift, you'll get to experience some of that joy.

Oh wait, isn't that what this is all about in the first place?

Joy to the world! Now will you please go buy some wrapping paper?

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