Holiday Gift Guide 2014 for Drinkers of Every Kind

This year, go beyond the bottle.
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A fifth of good bourbon; a bottle of fine aged rum; a sampler of well-made gin: Giving spirits is a reliable holiday plan. But it's also--let's face it--a lazy one. There are so many other booze-related gifts out there. The glassware of the moment? The hottest group bar game? Art for the bartender in all of us? This year, go beyond the bottle.

Death & Co. Lip Balm, Stewart & Claire, $24 for trio.
Who knew that cocktails and cosmetics could be such a perfect pair? This limited edition trio of lip balms was created in collaboration with David Kaplan of Death & Co., and each style captures an element of our favorite drinks: boozy, smoky or citrusy.
Bartender's Fridge Print, $60 to $2400
Photographer Mark Menjivar has traveled across the United States, shooting the interiors of other people’s refrigerators. This still life in Styrofoam is a sight any bartender—or would-be bartender—would recognize, commemorated in print form by limited edition purveyor 20x200.
Vintage Seltzer Bottles, $150
These colored, engraved seltzer bottles from Argentina date back to the early 20th century. They no longer work, but, boy, do they make beautiful displays. Situate them near a window to show off their beauty.
Koriko Hawthorne Strainer, $15
Bar tool expert Don Lee spent years on the design of this strainer, tweaking it to be especially effective behind a busy bar. Tighter coils ensure a cleaner strain, and the edged shape makes a split pour possible.
Beaune Thugs T-Shirt, $25
Express your wine intelligence and fondness for hip-hop in a single sartorial decision thanks to this clever t-shirt, part of a line dreamed up by sommelier-turned-winemaker Andre Mac.
Moore & Giles Sidecar, $13,500
PDT’s Jim Meehan has teamed up with the furniture designers Moore & Giles to create the perfect bar cart. Made of aluminum and Virginia walnut, the cart features plenty of space to store bottles, plus a drawer for disposing of spent ice.
Akiko Teak & Steel Pétanque Set, $199
Have you mastered Big Buck Hunter and laid waste to your opponents on the bocce court? The final frontier of bar games is pétanque, similar to bocce, but designed by the French and therefore seeping with louche attitude. This set includes chrome-plated steel balls in a teak-wood carrying case.
Uber Gift Card
One of the most influential apps of the last five years, Uber provides an easy, cash-free way to hail a driver. Sexier than cab money, the app sells virtual gift certificates, allowing you to be the DD while enjoying all the fun. Any amount; must be signed in to purchase
Waterford Mad Men Edition Donald Draper Old Fashioned Glasses, $175 for two
For the drinker who has everything, these crystal rocks glasses emblazoned with a gold band around the rim use the popular television show as inspiration. But the glasses look right at home in any sophisticated environment—even one in the 21st century.
Full Moon Pantry Collection, $595
Perfect for those friends who are chronic liver abusers, this collection of superfoods like bee pollen, sprouted rice protein and chia seeds is a great starter kit for cleansing. Curated by the popular Los Angeles juice bar Moon Juice, it’s almost enough for us to go dry for a while. Almost.
The South American Gentleman’s Companion by Charles H. Baker Jr., $30
This classic cocktail tome has just been re-issued, with a new forward by Brooklyn-based bartender and bar owner St. John Frizell. The recipes are still great after all these years; the globe-trotting stories that accompany them even more so.
Personalized Beer-Can Stamp, $7
Fancy cocktails have their place, but most nights you’re probably happy to sip on an ice-cold beer. This little gadget will brand your can of suds, protecting it from any over-served friends who mistake it for their own.
Duralex Picardie Tumbler, $27 for 6
These quaint French glasses have replaced the Mason jar as the all-purpose vessel of choice in trendy restaurants. They’re equally useful for multi-tasking at home, perfect for water, wine or juice.

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