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Holiday Gift Ideas 2015: 19 Gifts For Travel Junkies

Assuming you can't fund an entire getaway, consider these 19 gift ideas for travel lovers that will make every vacation (or arriving home) a little more enjoyable.
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By Kim Fusaro, Glamour

Sure, you'd love to gift your travel-loving sister a two-week cruise or ease your boyfriend's wanderlust with a jaunt around the globe. But assuming you can't fund an entire getaway, consider these 19 gift ideas for travel lovers that will make every vacation (or arriving home) a little more enjoyable.

A way to dry her hair on the fly that doesn't involve scratchy hotel towels.
NPW Girlfriend! Hair Turban from American Eagle, $7.95.

A passport cover that's easy to spot in the bottom of her carry-on.
The Getaway Passport Holder in Florabunda from, $24.

Power, no matter what country he's resting his head in tonight.
Flight001 150-Country 4-in-1 Adaptor from, $25.

Socks that will help prevent leg fatigue over extra-long flights. (Bonus: They're not beige.)
Sockwell Women's Chevron Compression Socks in Teal from Flight 001, $25.

A hardworking toothbrush that's ready to hit the road.
Travel-Size Sonic Toothbrush from Restoration Hardware, $26.

A subtle reminder to other travelers: Back off.
This Bag Is Not Yours Tag in Brown from Owen & Fred, $26.

A scratch-off world map, so he can keep tabs on his travels.
Scratch Map from Uncommon Goods, $28.95.

A wireless waterproof speaker, so Beyonce can join her poolside.
Omaker M4 Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker from Amazon, $29.99.

A luggage scale, because he always overpacks.
Digital Luggage Scale from Brookstone, $29.99.

A reliable compact travel alarm clock, so she doesn't have to rely on dodgy hotel clock radios.
Braun Square Analog Travel Alarm Clock in Grey from Amazon, $32.

A reminder not to stay in one place for too long.
Overseas What I Mean? Doormat from ModCloth, $34.99.

A NASA-approved way to prevent jet-lag. (If it's good enough for astronauts...)
Definity Digital Good Night from Earth LED, $38.99.

A toiletry bag with enough space for her extensive collection of lotions and potions.
F1 Spacepak Toiletry Orange from Flight 001, $42.

Something comfy for the plane that's a touch more stylish her favorite hoodie
Scuba Moto Bomber Jacket from Gap, $52.99.

A roomy weekender that's as cute as she is.
Extreme Supercute Hearts Weekender from, $54.

A way to keep her jewelry from becoming a jumbled mess.
Italian Leather Jewelry Roll in Pewter from Restoration Hardware $69.

An entire library he can carry around the globe for in-flight (or beachside) entertainment.
Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon, $119.99.

Tricked-out earplugs that block out annoying noises--but not the alarm.
Earplugs from Hush, $150.

An ultra-luxe cashmere blanket and eye mask, to make that economy seat almost feel like first class.
Cabled Cashmere Travel Set from Ralph Lauren, $276.50.

Photos: Courtesy of vendors.

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