16 Gifts For Newlyweds They Didn't Get At The Wedding

Practical, personal and fun gifts for your friends who just got married.

If you’re friendly with a pair of newlyweds, here’s something they probably didn’t tell you: A lot of the gifts they want or need weren’t on their registry at all. So as the holidays approach and you wonder what you could possibly get for a couple that has practically everything post-wedding, fear not — because there are still things that will put a huge smile on their face.

While gifts for newly married couples probably shouldn’t include another stone cheese plate, silverware set or toaster, there are creative, unique ways to not only give newlyweds the gifts they need, but make them feel special and loved. From sentimental objects to function gifts, here are some top-notch ideas to start with.

Below, we’ve rounded up 16 gifts for newlywed couples. And FYI, HuffPost may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page.

A couples’ journal.
That first year of marriage is one wild ride, so encourage your favorite newlywed couple to savor each moment with a shared journal.
A pair of monogrammed mugs.
Maybe you know the couple in your life will get a kick out of drinking out of each others’ mugs, or perhaps they now have a shared last name and you can get the two of the same monogrammed mug. Either way, they’ll appreciate it!
A marriage-centric Christmas ornament.
Help the newlyweds celebrate their first Christmas together with an ornament that commemorates the occasion.
A gift card to help them cook at home.
Motley Fool
They have all the cooking supplies they could ever need, so why not give them some food to cook that’s delicious, healthy and easy? A Blue Apron gift card should do the trick
New (matching!) undies.
Hear us out: Everyone needs new underwear, and it’s hardly ever considered an acceptable wedding gift. The holidays, on the other hand, are a perfect occasion to help people freshen up their underwear collection. You can even buy a fun matching pair for the happy couple.
A necklace to help remind them of their independence.
Coupling up for life is great and all, but so is maintaining your independence. Gift that snarky newlywed lady in your life a necklace that will remind her of her strength.
Stitch Fix gift cards for a post-wedding wardrobe.
Stitch Fix
Their kitchen is stocked and their living room is re-decorated, but what about their wardrobe? Give the happy couple the gift of style with a Stitch Fix gift card .
Matching weekender bags.
Encourage them to take weekend adventures and be that couple by getting them a pair of chic, matching travel bags. If you want, you can always go for different colors — there’s a lot to choose from.
A photo album.
Etsy / Janneyleather
Sure, they probably have a professional photo album from their wedding, but why not give them another album to help them keep track of their adventures in their first year of marriage?
Storage baskets.
The Citizenry
OK, so maybe this isn’t the most romantic gift out there — but when you get a bunch of new stuff, as newlyweds do, there’s a lot of organizing required. Get them baskets to store everything from new throw blankets to the cords for their electronics.
An Airbnb gift card.
Why should their travel adventures end with the honeymoon? Help them get inspired to book their next big trip with an Airbnb gift card.
A ring holder.
There are a lot of new rings in their house, and those things are famous for disappearing and causing an epic panic. Make sure that doesn’t happen by getting them a cute ring holder to keep in their bedroom or by the bathroom sink.
A coffee subscription.
Blue Bottle Coffee
While they may have gotten a coffee subscription from their registry, that runs out — and coffee is not something you want to run out of.
Wall art.
KatarzynaBialasiewicz via Getty Images
Now that their kitchen is all spiced up, help them decorate other rooms of their home with a great piece of wall art that matches their personal style. Check out One King's Lane's collection of wall art, or snag a gift card for the couple to choose their own style.
A dog bed.
If the couple in your life has a pet, they’re probably feeling neglected after all the gifts that poured in for the newlyweds. Remind the newlyweds that you have their pet on your mind too with a cozy dog bed.
A book to help keep their relationship strong.
Marriage is tough, so get them a book that will set on the right track for life.