Holiday Gifts for Wine Lovers

Friends and family often ask us which wine to buy for a wine lover in their life. Whether a coworker, boss, fiancée, gardener, babysitter, or even the UPS guy, we always suggest a wine accessory rather than a wine bottle. The problem with a bottle of wine is that they’re generally put on a shelf or in the fridge and by the time the person gets around to drinking it they’ve forgotten who gave it to them. That’s why we recommend buying a wine accessory. It’s a gift that your friends and loved ones will use over and over again and think about you each time. Here are a few of our favorites this season.

Olive and Poppy Wine Barrel Napkin Rings

These napkin rings by Olive and Poppy are made from reclaimed wine barrels and are the perfect gift for the host or hostess that loves to throw dinner parties. They’re slightly retro and totally funky, and a great way to dress up the table with a touch of wine country.

Personalized Corkscrews

A good quality corkscrew is a great gift for all of the wine lovers on your list, but a personalized corkscrew is even better. Ideal for events, corporate gifts, weddings, or wine clubs, these wine openers don’t break the bank and you can choose from an array of colors, woods, and metals. WineOpeners is based in San Francisco and Toronto and sells top brands including Pulltaps, the one preferred by most sommeliers. And if you are giving a bottle of wine, it’s nice to tie one of these around the neck with a decorative ribbon.

Coravin Wine Preservation System

If you’ve got a wine collector on your list and your holiday budget is a bit more flush, why not buy them a Coravin Wine Preservation System. They’ll insert the surgical steel needle into the bottle and pour off only what they want to drink. The wine is displaced by an inert gas that will keep their wine in perfect condition for months to come.

Wine Sack from Uncommon Goods

Perfect for the hiker or beach bum on your list, this wine sack holds a 3 liter bag of wine…that’s the equivalent of 4 bottles of wine with no heavy glass to carry.

Personalized Wine Bucket

Nothing says welcome like a few bottles of wine in a shiny ice bucket. Personalize this one with your wine lover’s name or favorite phrase. It’s sure to be one of their most loved gifts this year.

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