Holiday Gifts For Sleepyheads: 7 Flying, Spinning, Annoying Alarm Clocks That Work

7 Crazy Alarm Clocks That WILL Wake You Up

First semester is almost over: Did you make it to all of your 8 A.M. classes?

Yeah, didn't think so. Students aren't the only ones who have trouble getting up early, of course -- perhaps you, too, are a heavy sleeper -- and maybe, just maybe, you wouldn't be in such a rush every morning if you owned a better alarm clock, one that really woke you up. Well, curse your snooze button no more, because we've found seven incredibly creative, inventive and wild solutions for you or for that sleepyhead in your life (all of these make great holiday gifts!).

Look at the best and most creative alarm clocks of the year below; your GPA (and your boss) will thank you later:

Clocky Alarm Clock On Wheels

7 Creative Alarm Clocks For The Sleepyhead In Your Life

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