Holiday Party Survival 101.

In case you haven't noticed, everybody and their grandmother, aunt, cousin's boyfriend's pedicurist's podiatrist's best camp friend, is having a holiday party.

Omgggg another look at how ugly this christmas sweater is but hee its kind of funny and sexy!!! party, office party, latke party by the National Association of Latke Broadcasters, etc. (I hear the Coalition to Preserve Raindeer Education Holiday Fete is quite the ticket.)

Here at FFJD, my intern and I are preparing for rounds and rounds (like a dreidel!) of holiday ragers.

The first is a Let's Wrap My Intern in Ribbon And Make Her Try To Do Things With No Hands Party.

Next up is the White House Christmas Party, followed by the Third Annual GChatters Anonymous round-table. ANYWAY, let's discuss how to maneuver such events and potentially grab a make out while doing it:

If You Have a Company +1, Be Wary.

This is great. You are dating a new guy, and you're going to finally introduce him to Watercooler Steve. Let's rewind. Is this such a good idea? Do you really want your new smooch to be cozying up to Lisa who knows you pick your nose after lunch every day?

What's most important when bringing a singificiant (or not so significant) other to a holiday party is making sure that he or she can hold his or her own (cup). But really, if it's not someone you can 'take anywhere,' take a friend that will definitely try to make out with that cute boy on floor three. You might have more fun.

Family Holiday Party.

Are your parents having a "Latke Fest" but really it's a Let's Find Marissa a Husband Party (amirite)?

Be prepared with your best, "I'm actually seeing someone right now," or, "I'd consider it after he/she/it made a trip to the waxer. Twice."

Family holiday parties are both fun and an amazing display of finesse on part of your significant other, if you've got one. He or she is really on a figurative Lazy Susan, for all of your Aunts and Uncles to see. Don't leave her unattended. Similarly, if your NJB is holding a baby in one hand and talking to grandma, he's a keeper. Lock it up.

Eat As Many Cheese Squares As Possible.

(Why not?)

Other tips include:

- Be cute and hold hands.

- Be sure to discuss how you're introducing your Non Boyfriend Boyfriend. You cannot tell your Great Uncle Steve that Alex is the guy you think you met last Saturday, but you're not sure.

- Scan the room before you commit to a location, preferably along side the cutest boy/girl.

- Ugly Raindeer Party > Ugly Sweater Party

- Mistletoe is poisonous. Don't eat it.

What tips do you have?

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